A Year of Instagramming Abu Dhabi

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Here is a social media statement that I am confident to publicly make today; Instagram is my favorite social media platform.

If like me, you have replaced your morning newspaper with your Instagram feed, you’re another socially savvy individual who have wisely decided to ride the rising smart wave.

Your tribe has spoken, they are sharing their food, kids, cats, adventures, homes, and even feelings one perfect little square at a time, and you’re eager to stay connected to their current visual affairs.

Nothing wrong with that!

mirfa beach abu dhabi

a year of instagramming abu dhabi

national day celebrations in abu dhabi


I am so addicted to this stuff that I upgraded to iPhone 6 plus just to get a better mobile camera and a bigger screen that will help me improve my insta-production.

Call it what you want guys, my mother posts at least a dozen times per day. If I still care to belong to this family, I better get up to their photo sharing speed.

a year of instagramming abu dhabi


My robust emotional bond with the revolutionary app developed last year when I realized that it has always been there for me. Throughout my worst creative blackout, it remained an accessible source of motivation at my fingertips.

I am the kind of person who responds to visual cues better than anything else. Sometimes it takes a hashtag search or two (or few more) to get me through a really long day.

Whatever kind of visual stimulation I am looking for, I usually find on Instagram. Be it fuel to my travel dreams, role model inspiration, or even fresh ideas for my next meal.

a year of instagramming abu dhabi


A year of instagramming abu dhabi

Al Mirfa Beach

Another reason for my obvious addiction is that Instagram provides an unmatched outlet for innovative expression I think.

While I sometimes need to add a meaningful caption to explain what the post is all about, whenever my word bank is empty the picture tells it all. The geotagging feature is great for indicating the location, if that’s what I mean to communicate, and a couple of hashtags take care of keeping the rest of the world in the loop.

And how convenient it is to whip out my iPhone, which is normally in my hand anyway, and throw a frame around a fascinating view or a remarkable experience.

Capture and share. Who needs to walk around with a DSLR in hand all day?

a year of instagramming abu dhabi

a year of instagramming abu dhabi#dubaianinabudhabi

Looking back at my last year on Instagram, I realized that my feed has recorded some amazing memories as I ate, worked, ran, played, studied, shopped, and relaxed in Abu Dhabi.

In the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d go ahead and share my last year of Instagramming Abu Dhabi here with you.

All the photos in this post were marked with the hashtag #dubaianinabudhabi, which I created to track my journey as an ex-Dubaian exploring my new home in the intriguing capital.

a year of instagramming abu dhabi

It’s horrifying how much time I spend eating in this place, seriously!

IMG_0314  a year of instagramming abu dhabi

a year of instagramming abu dhabi


Some days at the office are better than others.

a year of instagraming abu dhabi

This town knows how to throw a party

a year of instagramming abu dhabi

Our mall life is quite fabulous and entertaining

a year of instagramming abu dhabi

a year of instagramming abu dhabi

Rogo's at Yas Mall

Abu Dhabi has shown me some jaw-droppingly beautiful sunsets.

sunset on mirfa beach

sunset and sheikh zayed grand mosque

al dar HQ at sunset

sunset in yas marina F1 track

a year of instagraming abu dhabi


Don’t be shy, follow my Instagram journey on @mysuperspace if you haven’t already.

The #dubaianinabudhabi story is to be continued….

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