Travel Resolutions to Keep

Love or hate them, resolutions represent the fresh start that we all hope to make at some point of our lives. We eagerly await a physically valid excuse like the beginning of a new year to commit to them, because it’s easier than taking the plunge unprepared at any random time. I reckon even those who don’t announce or write their resolutions down, mentally permit themselves to pursue that one big goal each year.

As clichéd as they’ve become, I still make a bunch of resolutions every year. Somehow they renew my sense of purpose. They keep my imagination brewing. Whether I do end up fulfilling them or not is not the subject of discussion here, stay with the big picture people! The fact that I have spent enough time thinking them up probably means that these items are critically important to me, which is why they must be addressed at some level.

They say most people fail to keep their resolutions past the tenth day of the year, because most people tend to overestimate their commitment capabilities. I must admit, I’ve been guilty of that many times, yet I don’t see the harm in at least trying! The worst thing that could happen is that I’d fail; and failure my friends will never ever be the end of my dreams. Normally it’s just the beginning.


So what kind of resolutions are we talking about?

Travel resolutions of course! That’s what I dream about 80% of the time. The other 20% is just the rest of life as you know it, which always has a way of naturally unfolding! Or so said the control maniac…

We haven’t made any travel plans for 2014 yet, but we made these resolutions to keep for the long run. They are to make a habit of, to apply as guidelines to enhance the quality of our life through travel, this year and every year.

Some of them are tried- tested. I liked how they went in the past, hence the plan is to maintain them as part of my grand happy living scheme…

Here goes…

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Staycations rock

I know, it’s an odd one to start with since we’re talking travel here, but I find that staycations present the perfect solution for short breaks when time is limited and all we’ve got is a long weekend.

When you live in a young country that’s springing out of the sand before your very eyes, it is hard to complain of boredom. With Dubai and Abu Dhabi spearheading the tourism development drive to diversify the country’s resources, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates making a recognizable effort to ride the rising wave, the UAE has become a vibrant touristic destination in less than 42 years. It’s definitely one of the world’s most exciting places to visit today. For us residents, that translates to new Luxury hotels, theme parks, manmade islands, modern architecture, mega sports and entertainment events, giant shopping malls, culture preserving festivals, off the beaten track adventures and other aspects of the country’s ever-changing landscape to discover. Add to that my increasing appetite for exploration, and we’ve got numerous potential staycations waiting to happen few kilometres away from home, without having to set a single foot on an airport.

AL Dar HQ Abu Dhabi

Get to know my new backyard

Leaving Dubai seemed like the hardest thing to do in the beginning. Now few weeks into it, moving to Abu Dhabi is beginning to feel like a blessing in disguise. The more I think about it, the more appealing the idea of getting to know my own backyard a bit better appears to me.

In the process of settling in our new city, we are adjusting to its calmer rhythm and uncovering its hidden treasures. The best thing about it is that we don’t have to follow an agenda or be on a schedule. We’re finding new favourite dining spots because we need to eat, following new routes because we love to run, visiting the shopping malls because a girl must get her shopping fix! And wait until we make friends 🙂

Let Angel choose future travel destinations

He keeps complaining that we only go where I want us to go, and that he never gets to choose a holiday destination because I won’t let him!!! Hello! I make awesome destination choices! I always always take us were we enjoy beyond expectations. Alright, I agree, the world has plenty of beautiful places, and we’re bound to be amazed by its wonders almost anywhere, but it doesn’t mean that I never consulted his opinion. And I tell you what, he always agreed with me!

FYI, he chose our honeymoon destination. Doesn’t that count for something?

Nonetheless, I have decided to continue being the fantastic, loving and considerate wife that he has chosen for himself. I will honour his wishes and share his travel dreams more often. From now on, he gets one and I get one. Fair enough, don’t you think?

Don’t be fooled; I did not go down without a fight!

Dukkan swaileh Kuwait

Keep it in the family

You think you know your family members so well because you’ve known them a lifetime? Trust me; you know nothing until you’ve travelled with them.

My Family’s trip to Kuwait last year was a great success. Besides exploring a beautiful under the radar destination that was new to all of us, it brought us closer to each other in ways that we haven’t anticipated. An annual family getaway sounds like a fruitful ritual to uphold to me. Time spent with my beloved family, doing my favourite thing in life, travelling, will be time very well spent for sure. Although it will probably mean that I have to assume the primary planner position every time, I am going to pitch the idea to my family, and I hope they will find it as exciting as I do. We could travel or take a staycation together, either way I am truly looking forward to it.

Continue armchair wandering

The commute to Abu Dhabi was hectic, but the one thing I absolutely loved about it was that it gave me two hours every weekday to listen to audiobooks in the car. I have read more books in the last 3 years than I have done my entire life. They were mostly travel books that ignited my imagination and fuelled my dreams.

I kid you not; it terrifies me that I don’t have that time anymore! Falling behind on reading means dropping the only productive habit that I have developed in my 30s! On top of that, I am totally convinced that reading makes me a better blogger. It inspires and educates me while providing the necessary motivation to keep writing and creating.

The reading must go on, there’s no question about that. It is no easy task, but I am promising myself to work on dedicating enough time each week to keep it up.

Any ideas or tips on how to achieve that?

Elephant trekking Thailand

Revive my adventurous spirit

I have opted for more comfort than adventure in 2013, due to the constant feeling of fatigue inflected on me by the daily commute and extended work hours. I often needed a relaxing break, and I loved getting pampered during our luxury stays in gorgeous places like Mauritius, Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and Al Bustan Palace in Muscat.

Here comes my first world problem though; I am now left with the aching feeling that my adventurous spirit has been put to sleep, and I greatly miss it. The daredevil in me wants to take chances, defy gravity, splash in rough waters, ride giant unpredictable animals, operate heavy machinery, and hang from flimsy cables connecting invisible tress in a dark rainforest. Gosh, I am getting an adrenaline rush just writing this!

Somewhere in between I must find a sustainable balance between staying in and hanging out.

How are you keeping up your resolutions so far?

2 thoughts on “Travel Resolutions to Keep

  1. Great post! Revive that adventurous spirit! When we go on vacation, my husband and I like to start by roughing it and end in luxury i.e. tent camping in Yosemite followed by the Ahwahnee. It keeps us active in both worlds and the end of a trip is always something to look forward to! 🙂


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