Dubai International Parachuting Championship

The 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship took place on 27Nov – 10 Dec at Skydive Dubai, the Palm Drop Zone. More than 1000 professional skydivers from all over the world competed in different categories for a significant prize exceeding AED 1.5 million. Yeah, I’d jump from an airplane for that kind of cash too! Actually, I’d do it for free just for the thrill, especially after my exceptional skydiving experience in Mauritius. Cant wait to do it again, wonder when and where that will be…


The event coincided with the 42nd UAE National Day celebrations and the announcement of Dubai’s win of the Expo 2020 bid, merriment was already up in the air, which made the aerobic spectacles that garnished the sky above Jumeirah Beach even more special.

Last year we attended the Parachuting Mondial at the same place, and we had such a great day out watching the daring landings and the air shows. We returned for more this year, the event has gotten smaller in scale, but we weren’t disappointed.

How many parachutes you counted?

The UAE team did great in the competition and took away gold. I guess it was such a happy week for us in many ways.

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