New Home. New Perspective. New View

Abu Dhabi Corniche


It has certainly been quieter than usual around here, and of course I have the same lame excuse of being so busy with work and away on business trips. That is all incredibly true though, In addition to the daunting task of house hunting in Abu Dhabi which Angel and I have been occupied with for the last few weeks, because (brace yourself for this one ladies and gentlemen!), here it comes:


You read it!

I have resisted this move for the past 4 years, since I started working in Abu Dhabi. I’ve grown accustomed to maneuvering my way between pretty daring drivers, and I’ve made it home well and alive every single day (Thank god for miracles), but clearly that is no reason to sustain the torturous two hours daily commute any longer.

It is time to bring my regular road adventures to an end.

Dubai Abu Dhabi Road

The drive has been the perfect excuse to listen to hours and hours of audio books in the car, which I wouldn’t have otherwise had the time to actually read, however it has physically worn me out and diminished all aspects of my social life. I am going to miss the books, but so happy to let go of the fatiguing rides. I don’t really remember when was the last time I met any of my friends, in fact I don’t even know if I still have them as a result! And let’s not even as much as think of the subject of exercising or preparing a home cooked meal.

sweet brown aint nobody got time fo dat

Haven watched me become chronically exhausted and constantly drained, Angel finally convinced me of the merits of living closer to my workplace, and so we are now two of the newest residents of Al Raha Beach area.

All this drama coupled with the new accommodation law in Abu Dhabi, and topped with the fact that Angel is currently working flexible hours, reinforced our decision. So Abu Dhabi City, get ready for us…


Obviously this wasn’t an easy resolution to commit to, considering that we are a couple of Dubaians to the bone. We like the convenience and accessibility of facilities in Dubai, everything we need is literally a phone call or a short walk away here. This isn’t to say that Dubai has made a couple of couch potatoes out of us, on the contrary, the quick rhythm of life perfectly matches our pace. Compared to where we’re going, life is defiantly about to get a bit slower for us.

The lifestyle change is probably going to be the toughest to handle, I’ve been listening to my Dubaian colleagues who made the move before me complain about the limited dining, entertainment, health, sports, and shopping options in their new communities. Those who opted to stay off the big island reported that they often prefer to drive down to Dubai, during the week or in weekends, to dine with friends, shop or attend medical appointments.

Needless to say, I am not enthralled to share their disappointments, but I guess adapting to change is vitally essential when moving to any new place. At least this time we are moving just 50 minutes away.

Change quote

 I spent my twenties in Dubai, the most character reforming years of my life. I went to university here, I made friends, I lost friends, and it has been my home base for over a decade. I turned thirty here. I was beginning to feel the ground solidify beneath my feet. Evidently I’ve settled right within my comfort zone. Moving isn’t going to be difficult because we will live in Abu Dhabi; finding a new running track and a new hairdresser and a new favourite breakfast spot, familiarizing ourselves with the place and redefining our boundaries is what is going to challenge us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have evolved into a morning person here. Every morning I’d check the view outside my window and watch the sun crawl up from behind this building. It never looked the same twice. If you are following @mysuperspace on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with this scene from my (#theviewoutsidemywindow) posts. Floor by floor the building rose to completion before my eyes, it is finally ready o fulfil its intended purpose and become someone’s home. I reckon it is appropriate for me to move on to a new view now.

I hope I am not making it sound like I am dreading this move! Far from it, I am excited about the prospect of getting to know Abu Dhabi more intimately, and hopefully I will get to explore it as the thriving destination it is becoming. I am ready to go out there and find new cheese, something tells me there is a whole lot of it.

If you have fun suggestions for things to do in Abu Dhabi, please don’t hesitate to share the knowledge. Let me know where do you think I should eat, hangout, shop, stay, play, what should I see, events to attend, etc…

I can’t wait until the logistical hassles of the move are over, and the fun begins.

Stay tuned; I will share updates on Instagram and twitter using the hashtags #viewoutsidemywindow & #dubaianinabudhabi 

Wish us a successful move 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Home. New Perspective. New View

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog so that I could discover yours. I’m looking forward to your adventures living in a new place. I’ve moved a number of times, leaving friends and family behind. The good news is that you can go back and visit while at the same time making new friends. Good luck and happy New Year. 🙂


    1. You have a wonderful blog, fresh and tasty ideas. So far I am liking my new home, although there are many things that I have to learn and unlearn. I am really looking forward to making new friends and embarking in an epic adventure 🙂


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