TBEX Dublin Here I Come

Source – Visit Dublin

In the morning we board our Emirates flight to Dublin, and here I am, lying in bed plain insomniac, fully aware that in few hours I need to get up and head out to have such an exhilarating experience. Basically, I am unlikely to manage to close my eyes for a single minute tonight.

I have always wanted to attend a travel blogging conference, obviously my goal is to learn as much as I could from the experienced professionals who have taken the plunge before me, and dared to live their dreams. I ought to get inspired somehow in the process, don’t I? One day I might just get it together and do it myself.

For now, I am off to get inspired at…


TBEX is big in the travel journalism world. The Europe 2013 event in Dublin is going to be very well attended, their blogger tickets sold out early, and I was fortunate to have gotten mine few weeks ago. I even managed to convince Angel to come with me, aren’t I the luckiest aspiring travel blogger in the world? 🙂


My excitement for this trip is fuelled by two motives; the fabulous program that the organizers have assembled for us, and visiting Ireland for the first time.

40+ of the biggest names in the industry are going to speak as part of the main conference program; the range of topics is quite diverse and interesting, so much that I am finding it so hard to pick sessions to attend right now. This time I will prioritize content development and social media focused presentations. I’ve got my eye on Gary Bembridge’s session on writing a blog positioning statement, I would love to hear Leif Patterson speak about hooking your audience with a sense of humor, and I am defiantly planning to make it to Lola Akinmade Akerstrom’s session in which she will explain why backyard blogging is essential to your brand.

Angel promised to catch up on the commercial sessions and update me later. How did I get such a wonderful husband by the way?

Back to TBEX

I have also signed up for a pre-BEX WordPress Workshop with Mitch Canter, hopefully I will be able to fix this mess afterward!

I am over the moon with eagerness to attend live talks delivered by bloggers and photographers that I have learnt from and followed for years, and there is even a chance that I will get to ask them a couple of pressing questions, or if all my stars align correctly, meet them in person.

Have you been to TBEX before? How was your experience?

Is it your first Time at TBEX too? Get some advice from fellow travel blogger Peter Parkorr of Travel Unmasked to improve your TBEX experience.  

I am equally thrilled for visiting Dublin, Ireland’s happening capital and one of Europe’s biggest cultural hubs. It has been on my list of top hip cities to check out for a while, and I am glad that the time has finally come for me to see it. Viking remains, medieval architecture, glimpses of history, a vibrant culture, a resounding literary heritage, a year round festive atmosphere, and a fashionable shopping scene, are all parts of the incredible experience that I am about to embark on.

Our time in Dublin will be complemented with a wide choice of tours and parties that the conference registered delegates have been courteously invited to, we will be joining the Wild Wicklaw Tour before the conference, and I am especially excited to attend the opening event at the world famous, Irish institution, the Guinness StoreHouse.

Alright then, its time for me to calm down and try to get some sleep. I think if I count my sheep very slowly, I might be able to drift away at number 50!

I will be updating my FacebookInstagram and twitter with my whereabouts and news at every chance I get while in Dublin, stay tuned…


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