Underwater Sea Walk in Mauritius

I never thought of walking underwater as a delightful experience, my only reference being those occasional annoying nightmares in which the world goes so slow and my legs seem too heavy, there would be no better way for me to describe it than “like walking under water”. I tried the real thing in Mauritius for the first time; surprisingly it was one of the few joyous experiences of my life that left me dazzled for days.

We booked it through the tour desk at the Trou Aux Biches Hotel, where we stayed, to try something new. We picked up a disposable underwater camera from the hotel’s gift shop, and handed it over to the excursion’s guide, who got shutter happy, and didn’t seem to mind helping us document our underwater memories, while we played with and feed the hungry fish…

Angel just got the film developed last week, the quality of the photos didn’t turn out as good as I would’ve liked, which thought me a great lesson in preparing for photography in versatile environments while travelling, but the memory was first class, so I decided to share them with you anyway.

I have never seen myself smile in photos so much before! 🙂

Have you tried underwater sea walking before? How was your experience?

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