Eid Getaway Ideas


Iftar Cannon at JBR

Hellooooo, it’s August already! It’s seriously worrying me that every time I blink a day, a week, a month has passed. Do you feel the same?

It’s also the last week of Ramadan; it feels like only yesterday we were looking out for a new moon to appear and mark the begging of the holy month, bringing the promise of blissful moments with family and friends, a sense of envisioned tranquillity, and many delicious iftars. I truly hope that those of you who observed it this year, have managed to reap its best fruits.

But it’s not over until it’s over, in few days we’ll be celebrating my favorite Islamic festivity, Eid Al Fitr, the feast, the reward after a long month of fasting and patience.

Amongst the many reasons I love Eid Al Fitr, is the happy childhood memories it brings me; The big breakfast at Grandma’s on the first day (god bless her resting soul), finally getting to wear and show off my Eid dress in front of my neighborhood girlfriends, and most importantly Eidiyah 🙂

Aaaaah, the good old days…

Sri Lanka

As an adult, my favorite Eid memories are inspired by some of the amazing trips that we took over the (small Eid) holiday in the past. In 2009 we escaped to the South of Sri Lanka, we based ourselves in Ahungalla and we explored the Dutch and Portuguese quarters in Galle, which we found both beautiful and culturally enriching.

Muscat Oman

In 2011 we relaxed on the pristine Barr Al Jissa Beach in Muscat, which came with a fabulous 6 stars stay at Shangri La’s (adults only) Al Husn Resort. Oman just keeps giving me more reasons to love it…

Now, I’ve been online looking up information on Eid travel offers this week, so I thought I’d share some of my findings with you in case you’re still searching for inspiration:

  • I thought this feature in The National had something for every travel taste.
  • The TimeOut Dubai Eid Getaways list is the one I look forward to every year. I like how it’s segmented by price and flight hours.
  • Dubai based Escape Travels is planning 3 exciting short trips to Kenya, Armenia, and Sri Lanka this Eid. You might still be on time to secure your spot with them.
  • If you still have it in you this Eid, Wild Guanabana is planning few adventures that you can join starting 08.08.13

Have you made Eid plans yet? Let us know how you plan to spend this holiday…

So guess which UNESCO World Heritage City we have decided to spend Eid in this year?

Hint: It is one of the newest members added to the UNESCO list in 2011, due to documented evidence of continuous human inhabitation for the past 4000 years. The land of seven falaj irrigated oases that thrived throughout the centuries in the shadow of castles and watchtowers. It is also home to a famous mountain, which can be ascended through what has been described by experts and a number of international auto magazines as one of the greatest engineered driving road in the world. Any guesses?

I am really looking forward to this break, but I will have to wait few more days to tell you all about it…


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