Destination Mauritius

Two weeks ago I posted about our search for a short summer break destination, and I mentioned the selection criteria that we set to finding the perfect beach escape, where we will be able to relax without getting too bored a couple of days later.

I am happy to announce that the search is finally off, we arrived in Mauritius on Friday, and we’ll be staying at the beautiful Beachcomber Trou Aux Biches Resort and Spa on the North West coast of the island for the next seven days.

Ps. That is why Kanye’s and Kim’s baby girl name is so weird!!!

So, what drove our choice?

This turned out to be about more than just going on a much needed holiday. It is first and foremost about me gradually and carefully transforming into a beach person, a characteristic that has crept on me over time and throughout our travels.

I have always promoted myself as an unti-beach person, who can’t stand staying in the sun for too long and detests the ugly tan that comes with it, Lately I’ve been wondering if that is entirely true, because that’s not how I felt lazing on the gorgeous beaches of Zanzibar, snorkelling at Turtle Bay in Muscat and swimming next to reef sharks in Phuket.

I must have been changed by my own experiences, now the ocean is this big and magical place that excites and pleases me, I really am happier splashing around in the water these days! Some way to learn that you never know until you have at least tried, ha?

In other words, I grew up, and I found a good sunblock cream…


The second and very important reason why we are holidaying on a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is that I had to make a choice between sticking to my old ways, and spending more quality time with my island born husband, who loves the sea and evaluates the success of our beach trips by achieving a certain shade of tan upon returning home.

I realized that I can’t win all my battles, my wonderful husband has always been extremely accommodating, he has accompanied me to a number of amazing city destinations, where we had great fun and fulfilled my explorative desires, hence this one is for him, well, I am sure that much of it will be for me too…

Why Mauritius?

A tropical island that has since it’s discovery in the early 16th century assembled a heritage created by Arab seafarers, Dutch explorers, African slaves, spice traders, Portuguese sailors, French developers, English colonists, Indian and Chinese migrant labourers, and made it its own, is defiantly a country worth visiting.

We were lured by the promise of long white palmy beaches, and at the moment my life seems entirely dependent on a visit to the Clarins Spa at our hotel!

If you want the full truth, then I must also admit that the deal was sealed after reading the part of my guidebook discussing Creole (Mauritian) Cuisine, which in reflection of the harmoniously mixed culture that makes this rainbow nation, brings French, African, Indian and Chinese cuisines to the plate. You should know by now that I will be going wherever in this world I am told the food is so good, and especially if I don’t have to make it!

What to expect?

Let’s go back to the selection criteria mentioned in my previous post:


Pointe aux Canonniers Beach

  • Good-looking beach destination located to the south of the equator where the weather is cooler at this time of the year. Check


Spicy Palm Heart Samosa

  • Mouthwatering local cuisine, check


  • Beautiful natural surroundings. Check

MaritiusWe went underwater sea walking yesterday, and loved it 🙂

  • Plenty of adventure and outdoors activities. Checks

mauritiusTraditional fishing net

  • Rich Culture. Check


  • Additionally, an all-inclusive beach resort, which so far has been lizards free, thank god 🙂 Check……


Alright then…we are off to enjoy the rest of our dream holiday. I shall be back with more updates when we are back home.

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Hasta luego….

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