A Gondola Ride in Venice

Encountering authentic experiences is inevitable in Italy, especially during your first visit. The one experiences that you must never pass on, even if you are trying to stay off the beaten tracks, is a gondola ride in Venice.

Scaling the narrow alleys, and crossing the timeworn bridges, stretched over the interwoven web of canals on foot is one way of seeing this marvelous 14th century monumental creation; however a city that is built on water is best seen from a gondola, if you ask me.

It rained heavily at the beginning of our short stay; we patiently waited for the sky to clear out, and I worried that one of my biggest travel fantasies might never come true, because the weather was not right for it. How was I going to explain that to my friends?!

On day three, we woke up to a lovely sunny April day. When Angel opened the bedroom’s window that morning, a different kind of noise crept in causing me to immediately jump on my feet, ready to see the city in a different light. It wasn’t the rough tapping of raindrops on the wooden window shutters of the opposite abandoned building; it was the sound of singing and music. The day we take our first gondola ride was finally here…

Our ride started and ended in San Marco Square, it lasted about an hour and took us through a circuit of landmarks, including the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs and few back waterways. We had already visited most of these places before, but it all appeared more entrancing for some reason when viewed from the comfortable red leather seat of our swaying water vehicle.

As usual I was out there armed with a DSLR and an iPhone, I fired up at everything that caught my attention. Last week I looked at the 400+ photos that I took that day again, and noticed that it kind of recorded the sequence of the ride, it felt like watching a video, so I put one together to savior the sweet memories….

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