Where to Go in June?


I have decided to stop being negative about the summer heat in Dubai for two reasons; the first is that the weather has made a kind gesture of peace towards the people this year by being unusually pleasant and enjoyable until the end of May. We were even blessed with more rain this year than we’ve had in the past decade or so, it was a nice surprise. The last time the weather had such tricks up its sleeves, I must’ve been around 10 years old, when it used to hail in winter. It was like magic in the air, as long as I managed to avoid getting hit on the head by too many hailstones…

Until two weeks ago, the nice weather allowed us to go for evening runs without worrying about having to breathe in the thick air, heavy with humidity. June came and brought its signature features, now it is almost impossible to leave the window open in the evening if we didn’t want the apartment’s floor to get all damp. It’s making me desperately want to flee the country to a cooler destination, which is the second reason why I decided to come to friendly terms with our harsh summertime.

Don’t you love making summer travel plans?

I love it, because at this point of the year I am usually overworked and exhausted. It feels like I have justly earned my vacation, and I must take one now so no one in the office would get hurt. Moreover, Ramadan is expected to start on 9th July, and it would be nice to commence the holy month of fasting refreshed and ready to focus on my spiritual duties.

The fact that Ramadan is arriving in the middle of the summer this year leaves us with two short windows for a summer escapes, end of June and mid to end August after Eid; the latter is a long wait from now, so the question to ask today is, where to go in June?

SpainLa Rambla, Barcelona. Summer 2011

In the past, we tried to avoid Europe in the summer, you know how it gets excessively crowded and the prices rocket up during the high season. Although, some European spots are best visited when the weather is warm enough to get out and see it in its most colourful state, Barcelona is defiantly one of them, and we loved our stopover there as part of our summer in Spain in 2011, However since Italy is still fresh in our memories, we’ll stick to our no summer in Europe principle this time around.

Cuenca SpainCuenca, Spain. Summer 2011

Madrid SpainMadrid, Spain. Summer 2011

SafariIn Summer 2010 we saw the animal migration in Kenya. It was the most beautiful natural phenomena that I have ever witnessed.

Rio de Janeiro

A business trip took me to Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2012. Although it was a more work less play type of visit, the City of Angels won me over anyway with its gorgeous beaches and charismatic culture. The weather was perfect, since our summer becomes the cooler months in South America, and even the occasional showers were not so annoying.


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Also, in summer 2012, we had the adventure of our lives when Angel and I climbed Kilimanjaro. We decided to do it at this time of the year, to avoid the inconvenience of rain and bad weather during the climb. As you know, we didn’t make it to the summit, but our journey was extremely memorable, and it changed us forever.


After Kilimanjaro we headed to Zanzibar for some downtime and R&R. We discovered that this East African Island has some magical qualities that can get you lost in time.

This year, we are looking for a little bit of everything. Relaxing is our top priority, hence a remote Island with stunning beaches sounds like a super good idea right now. Nevertheless, and as my lovely husband would testify, I normally get very bored of beach lounging and the all-inclusive resort deal about two days into it, so that remote Island must offer lots to see and do for when my explorative instincts kick in.

Finally, if you know anything about me by now, you know that I am the kind of girl who loves her food, and that the quality and taste of what we eat while travelling could deem that trip a success or a total failure, so to sum up the criteria to choosing our next summer break, we are basically looking at a good-looking beach destination located to the south of the equator, where the sun is not too harsh right now, and it’s not rainy season there so we can enjoy the outdoors and seek few adventures, the local cuisine must be scrumptious and the culture ought to be mighty rich.

I don’t think that’s too hard to figure out in the next 3 days, is it?

Please share your advice and suggestions; obviously I could use some help…..

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