Wedding Photos


I almost forgot about my wedding photos, until Angel walked in with a bunch of DVDs full of them on Monday. Not sure what took so long to develop them since the party in November, but I was glad to see that they are worth the wait.

Our marriage seems to be constantly playing hard to get on us; if feels like we are always waiting for it to progress. We had to wait one full year for a permission to get married, then another two years to have a wedding, and now 6 months to get the photos!

I don’t really mind being patient with it as long as good things happen to us at the end. If the wait doesn’t kill us, it will only make our relationship stronger I guess…


I mentioned in a previous post how our decision to have a wedding was a spur of the moment sort of a call. I still remember Angel’s response when I told him that it was time we buy me a white dress. “Whatever I can do to make you happy my love” He said.

We sat to watch the videos together last night, when we finished Angel said “This is the best party that I have ever paid for. Now we have a wedding video to show our kids!” I love when he gets practical like that!

Here some photos for you.


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One thought on “Wedding Photos

  1. Thank you so much for sharing glimpses of your wedding day with us. You are such a beautiful and radiant bride, mashaAllah!

    Yep, the wait is all worth it when you know good things happen in the end 🙂

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