First Time Italy


Well, Angel has been to Venice long ago during his college years, in my case this has been the first encounter with the land of promised beauty and good food. Although it wasn’t our first destination choice for an urgently needed recovery break, yet compared to seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan which threatened to break the bank, and trekking in Nepal which would have broken either my legs or my back at this point, visiting this European essential seemed inevitable, especially that I still have lots of European grounds to cover as part of my future travel plans.

I don’t want to bore you with the dreary details of why we needed a refreshing holiday; we obviously got stressed and tired because life does that to you, upon surpassing certain physical and emotional limits, you realize that it is time to go away for a short or a long while, in order to make a healthy comeback…..

Does that happen to you too, or is it just me who regularly gets overwhelmed by everyday hurdles, and seriously needs to stop?

Whatever we had going on in the last couple of months, it was beyond quick fixes; massages became a total waste of money and dark chocolate was starting to taste too sweet!

“You need to slow down” Angel’s startling voice came to me one evening, haven noticed that I’ve been trying to remember a word to type up on my computer for the past one minute or so, my eyes tightly shut, fingers frozen in midair a couple of inches above the keyboard. Finally, I remembered to breathe “I do!” I replied.


So we started planning a two weeks escape to break the vicious work and life cycle that was slowly crippling me (referring to the reoccurring shoulder aches that I am frequently getting lately. Note to self. Need to get that checked asap).

I wanted to rest, to disconnect, to recharge, to marvel at something beautiful and breathe slowly. When I added eat to this combination only one destination came right up to mind, Italy.

Why not? If it worked for Elizabeth Gilbert when she went there to eat her way out of a rough divorce and a severe depression, then my minor issues can defiantly be managed with some fresh pasta and a daily dose of gelato.


PS. I don’t normally treat my problems with food, do you? Neither do I advocate nurturing such a horrible habit that could lead to serious health issues. I just love my food, and this time it had to love me back….

Then came the question; where in Italy? Italy is vast and diverse you know! the north to the south is like day to night. We aren’t so big on arts or history, which meant that we didn’t have to plan our itinerary to make masterpiece stops, covering basics had to suffice this time.

We first landed in Venice, few days in an enduring historical wonder would most certainly boost my mural to begin with I though.

Then we wanted to soak up the Tuscan sun in and around Florence, huge cliché I know, but every bit of it turned out to be true!

Our final terminal had to be Rome obviously, nothing wrong with a different taste of big city life with a side of beautiful people…

As I mentioned before, I was in it mainly for the food, we were not particularly after a special type of a culinary experience, we are not so picky like that actually! Sometimes we would go out of our way to try a new or a recommended place, but in general we are pretty capable of following our noses (and Trip Advisor) to find the good stuff.

I put my guards down, packed all my big girl pants and a healthy appetite and prepared for the best and the worst. I was ready to eat it all, carbs and sugar couldn’t scare me anymore. If that isn’t the most liberating feeling in the world, I don’t know what is…


Do you also find it helpful to keep telling yourself that carbs are not the enemy in such situations?

We just got back home this morning. Mission accomplished; brain cells rejuvenated (hopefully), about half a stone heavier, much happier, and around 3000 photos richer!

Will need to walk the extra weight off before my brother’s wedding, which is next Friday! I refuse to panic about it thought; all I have to do is probably wear a gorgeous smile on my face to camouflage the post-holiday muffin top that I am sporting at the moment…

I will be sharing more stories and photos about our time in Italy with you in the coming weeks, for now I will leave you with photographic records from my iPhone and my Instagram feed.

venice italyRialto Bridge in Venice

ItalyVenice rooftops as seen from Campanie di San Marco

Venice ItalySan Marco and San Teodoro Colomns

panatoneEaster treats

Italy leguriaHiking in Cinque Terre

Italy Beach near Cinque Terre Villages

florence italyBridge over the Arno River in Florence

ItalyFlorence’s Duomo

Italy410 steps later we managed to enjoy this view of Florence from the campanile

rome italyPiazza Campo di Fiori became our favourtite hangout spot in Rome. We ate  many meals, and watch many people in this place

italyThe one and only Roman Colosseum

ItalyThe Perfect Tiramisu

St. Peter's Basilic -  Vatican City St. Peter’s Basilic –  Vatican City

RomeMy first time on a segway at Borghese Gardens

rome italyThe Tiber

I love my iPhone 5 by the way, and Instagram. They are so perfect together, making my life seem much more interesting! Besides it is so handy in emergency situations, and whenever I don’t have my camera with me, like in restaurants when we are trying to have a relaxed meal without me playing paparazzo over my food….

Ahhhhh the memories…. What is your best memory from Italy, if you have been there before? Please do share.


Until pronto….

6 thoughts on “First Time Italy

        1. I can’t wait to see what comes next! And judging by my current cravings for all the good stuff that I ate in Italy, I predict more Italy in my future (inshallah), will make sure to take the big guns along 😉


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