Blessed Friday – Zanzibar

Zanzibar tanzania

The current architecture of Zanzibar’s Stone Town strongly reflects it’s Arabic, Indian and Persian Heritage, dated back to the 19th Century. The huge wooden carved doors are Stone Town’s most attractive feature; they were mostly made in Indian and Arabic styles by Indian and Arabic labor, and installed back in the Omani ruling era. Often the door was built before the building, which will then be built around it.

We passed by this gorgeous Green door during a walking tour of the town last summer, I noticed a lot of Arabic writing on the shops, houses and even hotels which generated a strong connection in me with the place.

Wakf (or Waqf) is Arabic for endowment, which is a form of charity practiced by Muslims, where typically a building, certain amount cash or even a piece of land would be donated for public good, or for the long term benefit of those who need it the most.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend and until next Friday….

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