Blessed Friday: Masjid Sultan Singapore

Welcome to Blessed Friday; a new photography section that I am introducing to My Super Space, to share my impressions of the Muslim presence around the world, photos taken throughout my travels and in the UAE.

You may already know that Friday is the weekly holiday for Muslims, in the UAE as in the rest of the Islamic world it is celebrated by performing Friday Prayers and by spending time with the family at home. I always get a ton of text messages and BBMs wishing me a blessed Friday on the day, which inspired this section, hopefully I will be able to keep it up on weekly basis.


My first Blessed Friday post is a photo of the Sultan Mosque (Masjid Sultan); I took it two years ago during our honeymoon in Singapore. We went for a morning walk to explore the Arab Quarter and we were happy to see the more colorful side of the city’s culture, for Singapore is normally portrayed as neat and orderly, but not to be mistaken for bland or boring.

I didn’t get to view the inside of the building, because I foolishly showed up in a sleeveless top and wasn’t allowed to enter. *Learn from my mistake and don’t ever repeat it!

While Angel did a quick tour inside, I stood in the street and took few shots of the gorgeous exterior.


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