2013 Resolutions

Baker & Spice breakfast

Angel and I had a special breakfast last Friday; we ate at Baker and Spice in Dubai Marina then we sipped on our fruit smoothies and thought about our resolutions for the year ahead.

I had downloaded this cute New Year’s Resolutions Kit from the Run Lucan Run Blog, which helped us get off on the right foot; we had a serious yet fun and productive conversation about our near future.

I love lists, I use them to organize my thoughts, to dream, to laugh, to relax, to reinforce my sense of achievement and few other reasons, whatever that makes me I am practically obsessed with them. I also happen to enjoy making New Year’s Resolutions, even if I never see them through I think it is great to always have a fresh start, I am all for seizing opportunities for improvement, therefore I was really excited about writing down a whole list of resolutions rather than just one.

Sunset in the desert

Both of us chose to break health related bad habits (idleness when it comes to working out for me, late night snacking for him) and it seems that we are going to learn new sports this year (golf for him, horse riding for me).

When it came to identifying our role models, I of course had a long list in mind, it was impossible for me to name one person only, dead or alive. I took a minute to sort out my priorities, in the end I decided that this year I will work towards becoming a better blogger. Angel looked so eager to announce his good example, which got me a bit jolty at first, “I want to be more like my lovely wife”he said. 🙂

Somewhere after my second cup of Espresso I struggled to think of a good dead to do this year, after much deliberation I decided that I am going to help Angel Achieve his good deed, a charity challenge. He doesn’t know what kind of a challenge he wants to do or where yet, whatever he ends up doing I need to think of a bunch of fun fundraising activities to organize. Exciting 🙂

Quijote y Sancho

Another part of the exercise that I found difficult to complete was writing the letter to myself. Am I the only one on earth who finds having an honest conversation with herself then documenting it a bit daunting or what?


In the evening Angel demonstrated his intention to eat healthier this year by cooking us a scrumptious Steamed Salmon and Whole Grain Rice dinner. Yummy

2013 resolution cards

The next day I printed the templates, filled them u, glued them on colored sheets in our favorite colors and hung them on the one place we visit the most in this house, the fridge.

This was lots of fun. Can’t wait to see if our hopes and dreams for this year actually do come true by the end of it….



Until the next time…….


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