To Madrid or to Barcelona? Or the Best of Both Worlds – Part 6

In the morning my brother in low (Javier) came to pick us up. We had invited him to join us for a prospective fun filled day at the Parque Warner (Warner Bros theme park in Madrid). We headed south out of the city and drove (Javier drove) for about 30 minutes. When we arrived the parking lot was not so packed, in fact it was relatively empty! So I wasn’t anticipating long queues at the rides for a change. I wondered why though?! I was told that is it normal for a weekday, besides apparently residents of Madrid flock out to cooler areas at this time of the year.


People roamed the park in their swim suites; I suppose it is an opportunity to renew one’s tan since Madrid hasn’t got a beach nearby. In their defense there were a couple of water rides that we left totally drenched. I on the other hand repeatedly reapplied SPF 90.


The rides were obviously movie based. We spent the day either dangling from Superman’s Ride of Steel or holding to dear life at Batman’s Escape. At ride #3 Angel decided that he has got “vertigo” (will leave it at that) so Javier and I left him seated where he can see us riding the Stunt Fall, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I mentioned before how I have this extreme phobia of falling, which I couldn’t get myself to conquer this particular time without him by my side.


Later we had some more catching up with friends to do. We met them downtown for a late lunch, but before that we paid one final visit to the streets of Madrid.

      madrid    madrid  madrid  madrid  madrid  madrid  madrid  madrid 


In the evening packing for our next destination proved a challenge not only because I struggled to keep my eyes open, but also I wasn’t able to decide which outfits are politically fitting since I was going to spend the next 7 days with my in laws. I have a strange feeling that I managed to pack all the wrong ones anyway!


Too early in the morning our plane took off. Normally I’d be in my third dream before it had settled in the air. Ever sense I got married my hands have been serving as stress cushions thus sleeping on a two hours flight is no longer much of an option.


The plane was above thick clouds and Madrid was way behind us when a queer thought meandered between my head and my chest. I asked Angel “what are we going to do when we come back to Madrid?”





Until the next journey….




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