To Madrid or to Barcelona? Or the Best of Both Worlds – Part 3

The next two days were bus tour days. An essential ride in every big city if you ask me. For about 30 euro we bought the two days pass from one of the bus company booths in Placa de Catalunya then it was up to us to select the stops that we actually wanted to make because it was not going to be possible for us to cover all Barcelona’s attractions in a couple of days. We decided to divide our tour into two themes. Theme # 1; Barcelona, Gaudi’s playground. Theme # 2; everything else.

Our first stop was the infamous Sagrada Familia; Gaudi’s masterpiece that keeps him alive in the eyes of his fans. It was bigger than I imagined and far more fascinating than any travel guidebook can possibly describe it. The queues to the tickets counter turned around the building twice, but once we were inside it was easy to see why. The hard thing for me to do was putting my camera down. Everywhere I looked there was a great photo opportunity.

barcelona  barcelona  barcelona 

 barcelona barcelona   barcelona  barcelona

barcelona barcelona barcelona

barcelona  barcelona

We climbed one of the eight finished towers of the church. We took the elevator up and at the top we enjoyed splendid views of the city.


Angel insisted on taking the stairs down. He claimed it was going to be such an enjoyable experience. 20 stairs later I was losing my breath and my balance. The stairwell was very narrow and a tad claustrophobic. I am not normally scared of heights but I am certainly terrified of falling that even watching batman jump off a high building cramps my stomach. The stairs just kept looping and my loving husband seemed to find the sight of my quivering limbs amusing. He skipped down the stairs laughing and repeating “it’s nothing, it’s nothing”.


The good news is the tower had little windows along the way letting light in and allowing great views of the city. Also I could see areas of the building that we couldn’t see otherwise.


Our second stop was Parc Guell all the way in the Garcia district. I loved how this Gaudi creation blends originality with nature in ideal harmony. Initially built to be a housing complex, it is now one of the most visited sites in the whole of Spain. It was full of life and activity when we were there. Children played, flminquitas danced, couples paused for photos, families picnicked, performers sang and we almost got run over by illegal immigrants who were selling souvenirs to tourists when they tried to flee the scene as the police arrived. Quiet thrilling, yet all part of the exciting experience I thought!

  barcelona  barcelona  barcelona

  barcelona  barcelona

barcelona  barcelona  barcelona

 We still had a couple of hours to kill after the park. We thought we’d explore Gaudi’s La Pedrera next, but it was closed for a private function that day. Just our luck 😦

La Pedrera
Gaudi’s Casa Batllo

We took the bus back to the Placa then we headed to Las Ramblas for an evening walk, some shopping and dinner at one of the numerous side-walk cafes. Street performers keep this street animate so there was not a dull moment in our evening.




To be continued…


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