To Madrid or to Barcelona? Or the Best of Both Worlds….

Few months ago when we learnt that Emirates Airlines started direct flights to Madrid, we decided to spend our summer holidays in Spain this year. We had the most wonderful three weeks in July between Madrid, Barcelona, Cuenca and after that we allowed ourselves a bonus ride to paradise island “Grand Canaria” where my in-laws live. I will tell you about our Island adventure in another post though …

Angel is a dedicated Real Madrid supporter, and even though they are not exhibiting their best talents lately (just my personal opinion) he had managed to pull me over to join their fan clan a while ago. The minute we arrived in Madrid and right after we dropped our luggage at tia Maria’s we headed to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium to purchase our tour tickets for the next day. I even signed up as a Madridista and now I am officially committed to sitting through all the football and pizza nights in our house! 

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 I was really impressed by the design of the experience at the Bernabéu. It was defiantly worth visiting while there even if you are a non-football loving/forced to pretend you enjoy it to please your husband type of chick. PS. I am not talking about me baby. I am totally on board 🙂
 This day actually started on a totally different note, which probably helped in slipping me into the right mood for whatever was coming next. Angel had been promising to take me to the best “churros con chocolate” place in town for weeks prior to our arrival in Madrid, so we popped  into Chocolateria Valor near Puerta del Sol for breakfast; just like the Spanish do. The Place was not busy at all, as this is not a typical summer dish. To me it seemed like the kind of a guilty pleasure that you can indulge in during any season! I had their “Cuatro Sentidos de Chocolate” which means four types of chocolate (Sweet white chocolate from Nepal, cold French, special hot Spanish and intense cacao from Peru). Three words for you: Yummy yummy yummy.
churros con chocalate
For (late) Lunch that day we went to this awesome tapas place and restaurant called Mercado de la Reina in Gran Via. It was very busy; we actually had to wait for some time to get a couple of seats at the bar, but not for too long. The food was very tasty and the atmosphere was ever lively that we kept ordering just to spend more time in there
We spent the next few days in Cuenca (That as well is a story for another post. I Promise to tell you about it soon). Upon our return to Madrid we barely had time to pack smaller bags and catch few short hours of sleep before we took the AVE from Puerta de Atocha to Barcelona Sants Station via Zaragoza early in the morning. The AVE travels at a high-speed (up to 300km/h), which makes it a very convenient mean of transportation between most of the main cities in Spain. Our train journey lasted for about 2 hours and ended before it even started to feel like travelling.  
 To be continued… 

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