Down the Memory Lane. Spain 2008

Back in 2008 I made my depute visit to Spain to meet my in laws to be at the time. Before reaching their home in the the Canary Islands, I spent some time familiarizing myself with the country that might become my home too one day. My visit started and ended in Madrid; in between I made a stopover in Cordoba, Granada and Gran Canaria where I spent New Year’s Eve. These pictures recorded some of my favorite moments among many others of course. 

Retiro Park in Madrid

One of the most beautiful spots in Madrid to watch the sun set

Spanish bulls, in the outskirts of Madrid

My husband won’t let me touch it for being allegedly dangerous! and here I am thinking, that animal is incredibly cuuuuuute. I usually think that about all animals though, except lizards and snakes!

El escorial palace from a distance

It was such a cold day, which for some reason terribly depressed me. I refused to go out because I almost couldn’t take it. My husband tricked me into going out by convincing me that we only need to go somewhere nearby to a place he knows where we can get home cooked Spanish food. that kind of offer i can never resist. Instead he drove me all the way down to the San Lorenzo del Escorial palace. The minute I set eyes on the place  I instantly felt better. The sun even came out shortly after our arrival, I was warm and happy again. I don’t even remember if my husband actually fulfilled his food promised to me, but it was overall a good day.


Cordoba is best explored on foot. The details of its buildings and streets are something to be closely experiences and admired. You must not leave the city before indulging in an elaborate tapas meal, a manifestation of flavors that somehow adds more substantial value to you vacation. or maybe that’s just how much i love Spanish food!

The view of Albaicin as seen from Alhambra Palace

If there is any good that will come from the early morning long wait outside the doors of Alhambra Palace in Granada before they actually let you in; it should be that it gives you enough time to marvel at this glorious view of Albaicin.

Alhambra Palace
Puerto de Mogan in the south of Gran Canaria

The port of Mogan in Grand Cnaraia has a very southern Spanish spirit. Even though the area is normally buzzing with tourists, it didn’t fail to me its local hospitality manners. We ate our lunch at a seaside restaurant that kept the fish alive in a net hanging from the side of a boat in the port. Once you have selected your fish all you have to do is tell the chef how you want it done. That was literally all I had to ask for, my salad, drink, dessert and coffee followed on the house compliments of the chef for “pretty lady” 🙂

How can I not absolutely love Spain?

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