Let the Fish Eat of Your Feet

I know fish spas have been around in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore for few years and have probably fallen out of fashion at some point, but if you have not tried it before, you are missing out loads on an incredible experience. The description that most people use to explain it is ticklish; that’s exactly how it felt for me at first. If you were my friend and you wanted to fool around by tickling my feet, I would strongly advise against it. I am warning you: I am a kicker, strong as a giraffe. Take my word for it and don’t risk it, you could seriously break something…bones and stuff

 In Singapore I thought I would give it a go. The spa lady explained that for most people it works magic; their feet come out of the tank as soft as a baby’s face. I was instantly sold, but I didn’t really want to brave a 30 minutes session, so I paid for a 10 minutes tryout. She asked me to rinse my feet under the tap to ensure that the only thing the hungry fish is nibbling on is dead skin cells.

singapore fish spa

I lowered my feet into the open fish tank slower than slowly. In fact I only went through with it after the 10 years old who sat at the bench next to me overwhelmed me with her shaming looks. The minute my feet were fully dipped in water little fish swarmed on them from everywhere until they disappeared

I sat there with my tongue hung out of my mouth trying very hard to tolerate the tickling sensation. It was torture. Of course my natural reaction was to kick, and fish scattered around everywhere. Fortunately none fell out of the tank, but now everyone was looking at me like I have lost my mind. Forced to prove myself courageous and adventurous I returned my feet into the water hoping that I will gradually get used to it. A minute later I did get used to it, but I was still wandering why 90% of the fish in the tank were vigorously feasting on my feet and only about 10 seemed to be eating of the little girl’s feet next to me. By the time I actually was enjoying it my time was up and I had to leave

My feet felt the softest they have ever been. I am not sure why I always pay for those costly conventional saloon pedicures if they don’t provide that. I defiantly want to do this again for the marvelous result that brief session gave me. I know that Wild Wadi in Dubai has a fish spa, they call it FISHO. I must check it out sometime soon. I f you have tried it before let me know if it was any good for you


Until the next journey 🙂


2 thoughts on “Let the Fish Eat of Your Feet

    1. Welcome to my blog kiersten. That is one reason I was hesitant at first too. I actually tried the one at the night safari, it was crowded with tourists and all, but it looked quite sanitary to me! It is obviously advisable to look for a trusted place since you live in Singapore and would have more time to search for one. Look at this post: http://www.passportchop.com/asia/singapore/what-to-do-in-singapore-qian-hu-fish-spa/

      Hope you find it helpful

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