Countdown to 2011 in Singapore

We just got back from Singapore this afternoon. New Year’s Eve was Awesome; by far the best. In my humble opinion it tops London and Madrid. For one; the weather was amazing so we didn’t have to freeze while trying to maneuver a crazy crowd, and secondly the location was ideal and the view was to die for. Metaphorically

We bought tickets for a private function that took place at the observation deck of Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark. We were very lucky to get these tickets as we were told that the event sold out overnight and we were of the few who managed to purchase them online.

I thought I would share this video of the beautiful moments with you. Please excuse my unsteady hands trying to work my iPhone while balancing on the stairs with 50 other people who wanted a good view!

More on my trip to Singapore coming up. right after I catch up on some sleep

Happy 2011 to all of you. Now go work on those resolutions





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