Researched it, Found it, Killed it

For the last three years my husband and I have enjoyed spending New Year’ s Eve abroad. Last year we were in London, the year before we were in Gran Canaria, Spain. No specific reason for choosing these destinations other than seeking a different New Year’s experience, since we are gradually growing out of what has become a mind-numbing New Year scene in Dubai. Kind of done with the same old overpriced club entries, bank breaking lifeless dinners, sometimes packaged with less than remarkable performances to say the least. So it has become that time of the year when we get away to begin the year with a true new perspective.

Angel decided on Singapore this year, motivated by the desperate yearning for a great city break with an edge. A couple of weeks ago my he surprised me with the news. He had already made flight and accommodation bookings leaving me not many choices but to start researching the destination for interesting things to do and see. He’s been on a business trip to Singapore earlier this year and he instantly fell in love with the place, hence the decision to go back with me and explore it further.

It is going to be my first time there, our current itinerary includes checking out popular tourist attractions and the famous dining scene in the country where eating is considered a national sport. I am just not sure we’ve got enough plans to fill 8 days and 7 nights in the tiny modern metropolitan.

No big deal, extensive googling of a destination never killed anybody. click click click, and we should be ready to go.

So I am online doing my thing for hours, I have not figured out a New Year’s eve plan yet, but I cant help but think, whatever happened to spontaneous travel? couldn’t we just get there first then figure it all out once there, after perhaps getting a feel of the place, and going with the flow!

meanwhile my online search reveals so many potential opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, dining, relaxing, it all looks promising, and I now feel like I know more about the place that if I have already visited it, hmmmmm, have I managed to kill my travel experience  to a new place already?

I blame it all on the damn travel bloggers, who have their blogs filled with tis and news about like every where. nothing is kept a secret in this world any more. It is even possible that I have managed to slay the element of surprise out of this trip. total buzz kill.

The thing is I am not even big on surprises. If anything I have always considered myself an over calculated person who likes to be prepared for the best and worst of situations, especially the worst, for those I even prefer to show up in the right outfit. However I refuse to surrender to the thought that I  am about to get on a  get on a seven hours flight to a place that I had all explained to me in cyber  space. Maybe I should just pretend that I am up for a blind date with destiny!

After all seeing is believing, and reading is not like seeing, and believing is better than seeing, ….you get the point I guess.

Anyway, we leave tomorrow, so not so long to find out.

I hope I didn’t give you the impression that I am entirely against researching your next travel destination beforehand. There is nothing wrong with looking up the weather where you are going to spend your Christmas holiday, or going through a couple of travel guides; especially for those extremely useful dos and don’ts sections. Personally, knowing  just enough in order to set my expectations right is totally acceptable. and imagine if I didn’t have my visa status right, or didn’t get the right preventative vaccines before setting off to Africa.

Also, I wouldn’t want to return from a destination that I might not get to visit again for long without seeing and doing what I went for in the first place. I reckon there is a fine balance between the two behaviors that I should aspire to achieve while planning for future trips. Landing somewhere between general knowledge and a rational sense of adventure sounds about just right .

Of course each traveler has his own way of doing it.. And I am nothing but a baby traveler trying to form my own opinions and habits in the domain. will leave that one to time to tell.

If like me you are not sure which is the best way to go about preparing for travel, I have taken the liberty of brainstorming few general options for you. go ahead and choose one (below), share your travel wisdom.

Meanwhile, wish us luck happy New Year in advance 😉

One thought on “Researched it, Found it, Killed it

  1. Like yourself, I prefer to research about the place first; it doesn’t take away the element of surprise once you’re there. On the contrary, you’ll be certain to make sure you cover all the places that you ought to visit on a particular trip (and where to stay, eat, etc).

    Hope you have an amazing time in Singapore.

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