The Last Chances of Kilimanjaro

The things you read in Frommer’s “500 places to see before they disappear” are mostly scary! The first time I read in it  that Kilimanjaro, the shining mountain, will soon be shining no more I must admit I didn’t care much. 

Until I saw it, from a distance…

The majestic rock that stands the tallest  in Africa with the presence of a commanding giant. 

It provided the most scenic background to our safari trip in the south of Kenya, while touring the Amboseli National Park

We were not blessed with the finest weather at that time of the year. It often got cloudy. Light June drizzle kept our skin and clothes moist and cool for most of the day. I didn’t totllay hate the rain, it was actually gentle and pleasant, but I so wanted to clouds to subside so I take a quick peek at it, the one apparently live and die to concur. 

Whenever it came out my husband and I would not stop taking pictures and when we did stop; we were just mesmerized by its beauty throughout those brief moments

Sadly for all of us what the book forecasts about the snow plateau on the top melting away seems to be the inevitable truth. We could hardly recognize it and quite honestly I had to look at the photos later to make sure that it was really there

Luckily for those who have managed to climb it; they have witnessed a natural wonder that soon might be a memory from the past. If I ever return to Africa I would love to make it just on time to see the last of it

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