The Last Chances of Kilimanjaro

The things you read in Frommer’s “500 places to see before they disappear” are mostly scary. I am no longer sure why I have picked this book up in the first place, but I am pretty sure it has to do with rumors of monumental parts of the world disappearing sooner than I would probably have the chance to see them! so, priorities..

The first time I read in the book that Kilimanjaro, the shining mountain as the locals call it, will soon be shining no more – Admittedly, I didn’t really care much!

Then I saw it, from a distance…

The majestic rock stands the tallest in Africa, with the presence of a commanding giant. It provided the most scenic backdrop to our safari trip in Amboseli National Park in Southern Kenya.

Angel and I were not blessed with the finest weather at that time of the year. The sun constantly hid behind thick clouds, while light drizzle kept our skin and clothes mostly moist. I didn’t entirely hate the gentle rain, it was rather romantic. I do detest less than perfect weather situations while travelling however, specially when all you’re trying to do is steel a glimpse at an elusive mountain peak that many would either live or die to see.

Whenever it did come out, time froze. We looked, admired and froze. I occasionally took a real breath, raised my camera, pointed on target and shot.

So I see what the issue is now. This king is about to loose its crown, and with it much of its charm, cultural and environmental status.

Sadly for us all, what the book forecasts about the snowy plateau on the top melting away seems to be the inevitable truth. We could hardly notice the white peak, in fact I had to look at the photos later to make sure it was still there!

Those who’ve managed to climb and summit “Kili” to-date might not realize that they could live to tell of the myth of the white peak, not very far into the future from now. I am not a mountain climbing kind of an adventurer, not so far anyway. But if I am ever lucky enough to return to Africa, I think i’d like to check out the view from it’s snowy roof…

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