The Jungle Book

My trip to Kenya earlier this year was by far the best holiday I’ve had in a while. I never stopped marveling at everything I laid eyes on. I was in a state of constant amazement and often forget to breathe before I let out a slow sigh followed by the word I used the most during this trip (WOW).

Ever since, every time life gets a bit overwhelming, I go back to the over 3000 photos I took there for a dose of magnificence and beauty. I also sometimes need a proof that I  actually saw all those gorgeous lions and elephants  with my own eyes.

Yesterday I made my own jungle book, printed and stuck some of my favorite photos on the pages of an old notebook, so i don have to turn on the computer each time I wanted a glimpse of them.

I decided to share some of my favorite photos here with you.

I hope you’ll enjoy them.

3 thoughts on “The Jungle Book

  1. It’s my dream to go on a Safari trip to Kenya and take a billion pictures! You are so lucky, mashaAllah.

    I love the picture of the lion – so up close and personal 🙂

    1. I am so lucky to have had this experience indeed. it is one that leaves you more appreciative of god and his marvelous creations. it is also very grounding and calming. i really hope you get the chance to go one day. i will be waiting to here all about your experience. i am sure you will have just the right words to describe it 🙂

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